What is 3M Series 1080 wrap film?

3M Series 1080 Wrap Film is a dual cast, pressure activated self adhesive vinyl film featuring unique air release channels which means bubbles are a thing of the past! It was created specifically for automotive applications and allows individuals to completely morph the look and style of a vehicle. Series 1080 gives car customisers a new way to achieve a kustom finish while also providing protection to the vehicles paintwork.

Whether you want a partial (ie. bonnet, roof, boot, interior) or a full body wrap we have a variety of textures & finishes available. Create a tough/stealth look with a Matte finish, a performance/race look with a Carbon Fibre texture, a raw look with a Brushed Aluminum texture or a unique combination of all three!

Our goal is to provide car enthusiasts with the latest materials and new ways to customise their rides both inside and out. We want to help car crazy people create individual vehicles that make a statement.

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Satin White

Satin Pearl White

Satin Black

Matte Silver

Matte Yellow


Matte Red

Matte Purple

Matte Pink

Matte Orange

Matte Apple Green

Matte Military Green

Matte Red Metallic

Matte Metallic green

Matte Metallic Copper

Matte Charcoal Metallic

Matte Brown Metallic

Matte Blue Metallic

Matte Dark Gray

Matte Gray Aluminum

Matte Black

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Brushed Aluminium

Brushed Titanium

Brushed Steel

Brushed Blue Steel

Brushed Gold

Brushed Black

Carbon Fibre Anthracite

Carbon Fibre Black

Carbon Fibre White