MotorActive 5 Year Extended Warranty – Terms & Conditions 
This Warranty is between MotorActive, (a wholly owned business name of Bralson Pty Ltd ABN 15 050 094 650); and Designer Wraps Accredited Applicators participating in the 3M Designer Wraps program when using the 3M Scotchprint Series 1080 Wrap Film (“Wrap Film”).

This MotorActive Warranty applies only to Vehicles where the “Wrap Film” has been purchased and invoiced from MotorActive and applied by a Designer Wraps Accredited Applicator (the “Applicator”) within Australia and remains in Australia for the duration of the warranty period. This MotorActive Warranty, together with its features described hereunder, is secured by 3M Australia Pty Ltd to the extent that all of the following conditions are met. Further, the existence of this Warranty is subject to the performance of, and limited to, all of the items described in I to III following.



I.A. Accredited Applicators

The application of the Wrap Film shall be performed only by applicators who have successfully completed one of the following 3M Training courses; 3M Advanced Applicator Training course or 3M Scotchprint 1080 Wrap Film Applicator Training course to properly apply the intended Wrap Film.

Successful completion is evidenced solely by the issuing and acceptance of Accreditation certification, and the Designer Wraps Applicator Agreement by MotorActive. This MotorActive Warranty operates in conjunction with the Terms & Conditions of the Designer Wraps Applicator Agreement.


II.A. Warranty Period

The warranty period for the 3M Wrap Film when applied by an Accredited Applicator as described above is 5 years (60 months) from the date of application.

II.B. Registration

This warranty is only available to Designer Wraps Accredited Applicators who have properly registered the application within 7 days of completing the Wrap Film application on the MotorActive online Warranty system.

Valid registration will only be evidenced by entry of following details into the MotorActive Online Warranty System for each installation:

• MotorActive invoice number,

• Quantity and type of 3M Wrap Film used,

• Date of installation,

• Time taken (in hours) to complete job

• Wrap Film batch no#,

• Vehicle Owners Name,

• Contact Number & email address

• Vehicle Make & Model

• Vehicle Registration

Such records also retained by Accredited Applicator for the duration of the warranty period in the event of a claim, Presentation to the end-user with a properly completed Warranty certificate by the Accredited Applicator, and End-user will not be covered if your Accredited status has been revoked, expired, or you have not registered the Application correctly.


II.C. Individual Product Limited Warranty
MotorActive warrants that each 3M Wrap Film will be free of the defects listed below and manufactured to the specifications described in the applicable Product Specifications or Product Bulletins in effect at the time of purchase.

• Physical Defects. Defects incurred during manufacturing, packaging or shipment.

• Manufacturing Defects. Visual, adhesive defects and defects that prevent using the product as described in the applicable Product Bulletin, including adhesion to the recommended substrates.

• Finished Appearance Defects. Defects such as excessive fading, discoloration, cracking, crazing, peeling, blistering, excessive dimensional change or loss of adhesion that makes the Wrap Film visually unsuitable for its intended purpose when viewed in a typical environment. 


II.D. Limitations of Warranted Durability

II.D.1. Product Misuse Limitation. This warranty does not cover Wrap Film that is modified or damaged through improper storage, misuse, abuse, accident, vandalism, neglect or mishandling of processed or unprocessed products by any person.

II.D.2. Weathering Effects Limitation. Some degradation of materials over time is considered normal wear. MotorActive warrants that at the end of the warranty period, the Wrap Film will be in commercially acceptable service condition from normal viewing distances and the Wrap Film will retain its stated properties.

II.D.3. Recommended Wrap Film Maintenance

Try to treat the Wrap Film like you would a custom vehicle finish. Aggressive or abrasive mechanical washing may cause premature lifting of the Wrap Film edges and may affect the Wrap Film appearance.

• Brushless car washing systems may be used. We recommend always going through the dry cycle to help avoid spotting on the paint or Wrap Film.

• For the best results, hand washing is recommended using 3M or Meguiar’s car care products. Rinse well and immediately, and dry the Wrap Film with a soft squeegee and/or soft cloth to help restore the luster of the Wrap Film and avoid water spots.

• To remove tar and bugs, use a commercial cleaner designed for such use, such as Meguiar’s Bug & Tar Remover, but do not rub vigorously. Immediately wash with your regular cleaning solution, rinse with water and dry.


II.E. The Warranty Does Not Cover the Following

• Reasonable fading or wear over time, just as with the paint finish.

• Damage including abrasion, scratching, fading or loss of sheen due to aggressive cleaning or using non-recommended cleaning methods.

• Damage from wax or other solvent containing products. See Recommended Wrap Film

• Maintenance, Section II.D.3.

• Intentional or unintentional damage caused by humans, such as graffiti or picking at the edges; animal scratching or waste products; severe weather, such as hail or debris carried by the wind; spotting from hard water; pitting or scratching from normal road spray; off road driving; excessive exposure to salt that is not regularly cleaned off; or vehicle damage that results in Wrap Film damage.

• Poor application, Applicator’s negligence, inappropriate applications that can put the film at high risk of damage or poor adhesion

• Damage to a substandard OEM substrate or finish, including paint adhesion failure or rust, which includes but not limited to motor vehicles and watercraft.

• Damage to a refinished substrate or finish that is not of OEM quality.

• Damage to any substrate or finish caused from damage sustained prior to the Wrap Film application e.g. stone chips, and scratches.

• Physical damage or when the film has been applied to inappropriate substrates in which the 3M Wrap Film used is not recommended for that application.

• Damage to the vehicle during Wrap Film removal. Professional Wrap Film removal is recommended.

• A difference in appearance between the exposed paint color or finish and the areas that were covered by Wrap Film, if the Wrap Film is removed.

• Fleet & commercial applications.

• Transfer of warranty to a new owner of the vehicle.

No Extension of Warranty.
In the case of an approved warranty claim, the replacement Wrap Film carries only the remaining term of the original warranty period as stated in this Document.


II.F. Remedies and Limitations of Liability

II.F.1. Remedy and Limitations. Claims cannot be more than 100% of the value of the 3M Wrap Film used and is limited to a reasonable amount of labour required for applying the Wrap Film for the application. Any claim for Wrap Film failure must be made before the last day of the term of the warranty as stated herein. The only resolution for an approved warranty claim is a reapplication of the same Wrap Film on the same vehicle. MotorActive and its representatives do not cover the cost of the vehicle owner’s time or inconvenience, rental of a substitute vehicle, or any other cost that may result in a warranty claim.

II.F.2. Claim Rejection. A claim for Application failures that cannot be directly attributable to defective 3M Wrap Film is not covered under this Warranty. MotorActive reserves the right to reject any claim where MotorActive or its representatives cannot identify a specific cause of failure or where the failure is due to incorrect or improper application of the film or if it cannot be proven that the Wrap Film was purchased from MotorActive. MotorActive reserve the right to investigate and perform extensive testing on any labour warranty claims.

II.F.3. Voiding of Warranty. The use of other 3rd party materials in conjunction with 3M Wrap Film will void any applicable warranty. e.g. An Avery laminate used over a 3M film.

II.F.4. Liability. MotorActive shall not be liable or in any way responsible for any incidental or consequential economic or property damage, except where MotorActive is in breach of the guarantees provided to the Purchaser in accordance with  Schedule Two of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth), or applicable legislation from time to time.


III. Claiming

III.A. Limitations

MotorActive reserve the right to request all or any items it deems necessary, including support documentation; to assist in the substantiation of any claim. The calculation of a reasonable amount of labour required (re II.F.1) will be at the discretion of MotorActive and will be made with respect to the specifics of the warranty claim at hand. Payment of the value of a reasonable amount of labour required will be by way of the value of the deemed amount being credited into the Applicators account with MotorActive. Cases of multiple claims over a 12 month period that are found not to be attributable to defective 3M film may result in Applicator’s Accredited status being revoked.


III.B. Submitting a Claim
To make a claim please contact MotorActive by phoning 1800 350 622
Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

MotorActive reserves the right to change and update this warranty without notice.