My Nissan Cube is quirky, and with that in mind it was high time the worn and tired bonnet vinyl stripe was removed and updated. Little did anyone know this would be one of the longest projects we embarked on, in the world of vinyl.

Firstly, take in this picture. What looks to be a simple vinyl stripe was in fact the equivalent of the hardest Sudoku puzzle the Sydney Morning Herald has ever produced times with juggling fire whilst balancing above a tank of hungry sharks yet to be shot by the guys in W.A.

After some inspecting it was decided this would need to be a day job in the MotorActive detail bay under the watchful eyes of our Designer Wraps brand manager, two stepping extraordinaire and resident wrapper, Alex.

With a heat gun in arm, a heap of confidence in the other and some neatly trimmed nails I began what would turn out to be the most frustrating six hours I’ve ever spent working on any car. As you can see the film which came with the car (believed from factory) was cracked, worn, deteriorated and more content with clinging on that the latest group of reality TV stars

Many people ask, why is the vinyl from Designer Wraps better than the others. I can vouch, with the skin missing from my fingers, this is one reason why. Not only is the 1080 product superior in application and wear, it is also removable with the utmost ease. After applying heat through all the areas and finishing off the final few areas with a razor (NOT ideal for your paint work) the stripe was finally removed, leaving a thick coating permanent adhesive.

Countless automotive companies use vinyl for their manufacturer sticker, i.e. Toyota on the rear of a Hilux and this stuff is permanent! You may as well buy a new tailgate and save yourself the time. Or, if you want to stick with it, arm yourself with wax and grease remover, some muscle and a few hours to spare.


With the blank canvass finally ready, Alex and the team put forward a very cubey design with a little bit of a rubix cube/Tetris theme and we got cracking on bringing the stripe to life. Pre-wrapping design is a great thing, it gives you time to decide what you want and you wont waste vinyl or other product if you go in blind.

Math, remember thinking you would never need a protractor again? You were wrong, sorry. No one wants crooked stripes, uneven lines or mismatched designs, which means grab a ruler, tape measure, calculator, paper, pen and a mate to argue with over what is the best way.

Knifeless tape, more underrated than Aubrey Plaza or clay baring your car! This stuff is just sensational, it allows you to do so much more with your vinyl from the original flames to an outline of the Nürburgring! It requires some math, depending on your design, and slow and steady hand when laying it down – a motto widely shouted by any wrapper I have met. We worked out the size of each square, factoring in the tape gaps and began laying down the tape.


Once the tape was down, we were ready to add the beautiful brushed gold over the metallic charcoal. From here we began pulling up each line of knifeless tape, including the new dual filament tape which gave us the perfect line between each cube. It’s a slow and delicate process, like making soufflé, taking your time with each strand really pays off.

Then I was bumped from assisting while the team fought over which squares to remove. The end product is something we are all proud of and looks a few million times better than it did before.


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Original post by By Ellie Thorley | MotorActive Assistant To The Director | On February 20, 2013