While racing stripes have been around since the Model T, most are just one colour, as multiple colours traditionally requires custom painting – making them quite a costly proposition. However with Designer Wraps in combination with the innovative DesignLine Knifeless Tape, custom, two-tone stripes and accents can anow be attained at a fraction of the cost of a custom paint job. Better still with Designer Wraps range of textured vinyls you can produce colour and texture combinations previously impossible. The choice of designs and layouts is limited only by your imagination. With Designer Wraps and DesignLine Knifeless Tape you can create your very own factory special that will be the envy of everybody


Stripes and accents are cool, with innovative two-tone versions giving your ride even more head-turning appeal, even Ferrari are using them to highlight their latest, limited-edition banshee model – the 458 Speciale. Those bold blue and white centre stripes are far more prominent than the carbon-fibre beast’s 445kW, 9000rpm, V8 and 90kg weight saving.


Original post by By Craig Parker | MotorActive Associate Editor | On November 22, 2013
Custom Striping