The use of exterior accents and stripes to denote a performance or special model has been the stock ‘n’ trade for vehicle manufactures since the advent of factory specials. The combination of Designer Wraps vinyl and Knifeless tape, you can create your very own factory special.

Checking out the May 2014 issue of Motor magazine reveals two killer dream machines utilising custom livery to ensure everyone knows they’re anything but ordinary. FPV’s last hurrah, the supercharged V8, 351kW, tyre-frying GT uses a bold, black bonnet treatment and a two-tone hockey stripe down each flank.

While the brawny BMW M4 CSL relies on a three-tone skunk stripe down the centre combined with a black’d out roof and front splitter along with black accents along the hipline and side skirts – bitchin’!

While it is possible to replicate these creations using Designer Wraps and knifeless tape, why not design your own, unique livery and create an uber-cool, one-off Limited Edition special.


A select number of manufactures have done exactly that, with 3M Australia supplying a number of manufactures with 3M 1080 vinyl (Designer Wraps), which they’re using to create accent and stripe kits for their specially-developed, limited-edition models.

Original post by By Craig Parker | MotorActive Managing Editor | On May 16, 2014
DIY Factory Special