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Can I use an over laminate?
3M does not recommend or warrant using an overlaminate or clear coat on this film, which has an inherent texture that can be altered by an overlaminate. Customers may use only on a test-and-approve basis and where they are ready to assume all risk.

Can I print on Series 1080 Wrap Film?
3M does not recommend or warrant printing on this film. If printed, an overlaminate would provide protection for the ink, but could alter the appearance of the film. Customers who choose to print on the film must do so on a test-and-approve basis and assume all risk.

Are stripes in carbon fiber films normal?
Yes. All films in this series have some texture that is integral in creating these unique looks. The carbon fiber films have the most texture, which appears to have more depth, or texture, in certain lighting conditions, giving a striped look.

What tools should I use for Installation?
Covered squeegee – The unique finish on Series 1080 Wrap Film is sensitive to scratches and requires careful handling during installation. We recommend using a high density felt squeegee or covering the edge of a 3M™ Applicator PA1-G (gold) with the loop side of 3M™ Scotchmate™ Reclosable Hook and Loop Fastener – Loop portion SJ-35231. Heat gun – A heat gun, instead of a torch, must be used. A torch is likely to alter the appearance of the finish.

Do I need to use an application tape?
This new film series features a dual cast construction that is 3.5 mil thick. It has just enough rigidity to allow easy installation without an overlaminate or application tape. Due to the film’s texture, application tape may not work well with cut and prespaced graphics.

Can I apply Series 1080 Wrap Film to an older vehicle?
All wrap films, including Series 1080 Wrap Film, should be applied to a “like new” vehicle finish for the best results. 3M’s warranty only applies to vehicles that have an excellent bond of the paint and its finish to the vehicle substrate. Any rust, bubbling, scratches, dents or other damage will be visible through the film, and such surface imperfections may damage the film or cause the film to fail.

Can I wet apply Series 1080 Wrap Film?
No. 3M does not recommend or warrant wet installations for any film with air release channels.

Will fingerprints show on the film?
The matte product may show finger prints, but they can be cleaned off after the installation is complete by saturating a clean, lint free towel with a 2:1 mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) and water or straight rubbing alcohol, and then wiping and drying the film.

Can scratches be removed?
Many surface scratches will disappear when exposed to the sunlight on warm days. Deeper scratches will not come out. Always use care to avoid scratching during installation, maintenance, use and storage of the applied film.

How do I maintain the wrap film?
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Can I use a pressure cleaner when washing?
Although hand washing is the preferred cleaning method, a pressure cleaner may be used. Avoid water pressure exceeding 2000psi (14MPa).

Can I go though an automated car wash?
You can take the vehicle through a brushless car wash. Brush-type washes are not recommended as they can abrade the film and cause edges to lift or chip, as well as dull the film’s appearance.

Can Series 1080 Wrap Film be removed?
Series 1080 Wrap Film is warranted to be removable for up to five years (warranted for three) after installation, providing the film has not been printed and no overlaminate has been applied. Heat and/or chemicals may be required. Some adhesive residue may be left on the vehicle, which can be easily cleaned off with a product such as 3M Adhesive Cleaner or Solvit Citrus Clean. When used, applied, maintained and removed according to 3M’s instructions, Series 1080 Wrap Film should not damage an OEM paint finish upon removal.