While the two Erebus AMG SLS GT3s are technically identical, the two engineers that work on them full time are adamant #1 (purple/black) and #63 (green/black) have very different personalities. They each have their own unique idiosyncrasies, especially in terms of servicing. “Since 2012, we’ve re-shelled the cars three times,” says Drew Barrett – the man responsible for #63. Damien Allen (#1 is his baby) added that having had to pull the cars down to nothing and piece them back together gives you a very good insight into their individuality. “They need to be disassembled in the right order,” states Damien. Also various aspects of the cars – such as the wiring harness – are incredibly complex. “It takes a lot to get you head around,” says Drew.

Another example is the seat, being a full-on safety capsule, removing it requires the removal of the entire dash and windscreen. Looking inside you can see everything is packed in rather tight. European company, HWA, builds the AMG SLS GT3 on behalf of the Mercedes. And for this weekend two of their best engineers are on hand to offer technical support. They are here as part of the dedicated team of HWA engineers that go to wherever in the world one of their SLS GT3s are racing.

Even with all this technical knowhow at their disposal, “the organic bit inside is still the hardest thing to control,” declares Damien. Ahhh, that’s racers being racers.

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