MotorActive have been known for its fleet of black company cars but this year we’ve decided to change it up.

We have taken the financially friendly approach and chosen silver 2012 VW Jetta TDI’s. Apart from being a great looking car, they have unbelievable fuel economy (Avg. 5.5L/100km) which means a nice saving on the fuel bill. To personalise the look, we added some of the new 3M Designer Wraps to the exterior of the car. The roof and part of the boot lid and bonnet stripe have been wrapped in 3M Series 1080 Carbon Black, and the front badge was removed and wrapped in Matte Black. Some nice new matte black wheels were then added to finish the car off.

All up we used about $500rrp worth of 3M Designer Wraps, and the job took most of the day to install. This includes all the time to prep the surface, removing the antenna and tail lights then putting it all back together.

A relatively easy and cost effective way of customising a car that will be returned to standard in a few year’s time.