They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, guess the same can be said about style. This limited edition Skyline R34 GTR Nur Spec is owned by one of the staff members here at MotorActive and already looks the goods but we thought we’d try something a little different. Carbon Fibre wrap has been done to death so we used some new Matte Charcoal on the roof and the side stripe on the bonnet to tie in with the wheels and also the adjustable lip on the wing, a thin stripe of Brushed Gold was added to the bonnet which matches perfectly with the standard Brembo brake callipers.


Sometimes what you picture in your head when your thinking about design can look terrible in real life but in this case I’m a huge fan! The new look is complimentary to the old and quite subtle while being unique. This is just my opinion and everyone thinks differently, thats why DIY vinyl wrapping on this kind of scale is the next level of vehicle personalisation. This job was done in about an hour and about $300rrp worth of 3M Series 1080 vinyl and Knifeless tape was used. Ive seen a lot more spent to achieve a lot less.


Original post by By Alex Morrison | MotorActive Product Manager – Designer Wraps & ColorSpec | On December 9, 2013
R34 GTR Vinyl Stripes